Main Projects

EDUCATE + CARE   Viva operates five different projects to either care for children or to educate them. Such as Viva Kids Early Learning Programme, Viva Village Independent School, Viva Youth Development & After-Care, Switch On Youth and Viva OVC Care.

PROMOTE + MENTOR To visually uplift shack homes in informal settlements, to bring underprivileged communities into contact with art and to stimulate the economy of poverty areas by attracting tourism to the living art galleries. Get involved... view more
Viva is built by Volunteer Hands!  We endeavour to provide a volunteer experience to suit the needs of every individual, or group wishing to give their time, talents and efforts, to benefit underprivileged communities. Once-off, Sporadic or Regular... view more
This is the story of a mother whose son was raped in 2010 at the age of 12 and whose case has been postponed and botched by the Court ever since. Please read it and help turn on the pressure, so that justice will be served soon. “Sometimes it is... view more
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